Clean grey and white mixed with wood color is always the color of choice for many customers.
The clean lines of the overall space design outline a quiet and comfortable space. At the same time, double storage has been improved for our customer.
我们坚持好的设计应是体贴使用的人,使生活简单,而不是让居住者花过多的时间整理照顾,不该让不合宜的设计造成屋主的负担。因为相信 【唯有用心生活,才能做出好设计】为每个怀抱梦想的屋主找到圆梦的方向。
We insist that a good design should be considerate to the people who use it to make life simple, instead of allowing the occupants to spend too much time organizing and caring, and should not let the unsuitable design burden the owner. Because we believe that [Only by living with ulterior motives can we make good designs] Find the direction of dreams for every homeowner who has dreams.

Setia Utama House

Renovation duration:
12 weeks

4000 sqft

ServicesConceptual development
Interior design
Project management
Furniture selection and design
Furniture coordination

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