” Think out of box, together we create opportunities. “

BOLDNDOT, established in 2014. We’re focused on creating spaces which strike a perfect balance between function and aesthetics with an emphasis on the importance of composition and proportion, from lines to colors. BOLDNDOT provides a variety of timeless, artistic, and modern designs to our clients.

BOLDNDOT 创立于2014年。我们重视在功能需求和美感之间取得完美的平衡,并强调每个空间从线条到颜色的布局和比例的重要性。坚持提供历久弥新,现代,具艺术价值,多元化的设计给我们的顾客。


As the space has a close relationship with people, it should care of people and its spirit should start from people’s need. The spirit of BOLDNDOT is to achieve the deepest resonance of the space and users by relocating the relationship between people and the space without the complicated design techniques and without building the material performance on purpose.


BOLDNDOT is not only running a business but also creating the dream for every client. We hope to achieve every client’s true desire for a space. We stand in every client’s shoes to understand their needs, pay attention to previous communication and find the balance between the space, function, and the client’s opinion. Through careful observation and interaction, we understand the client’s viewpoint and favorable design style, professionally construct the proper space, present the client’s style and personal traits at each corner, and customize a dream space exclusively for the property owner. Every meeting with the client with strike different sparks, which are the energy for BOLDNDOT to keep progressing and transcending. After completing a work, what we expect most is to see the client’s surprised and satisfied expression on the handover day. This is the original intention when we started the business – to assist every client in finding a desire for their dream space.

BOLDNDOT做的不只是一个专业,而是为每一位业主创造梦想;希望达成每一位业主对于空间真正的渴望。感同深受每一位业主的需求,注重事前沟通,并在空间,机能与业主的想法之间找到平衡,透过细心的观察与互动,了解业主的观点及欣赏的设计风格,专业构筑合适的需求空间,将业主的风格与个人特质呈现在每一个角落,量身订做一个专属屋主的梦想空间。每一次与业主相处,都会激发出不同的火花,而这也是BOLDNDOT不断前进与不断超越的动力。在完成作品后,最期待的是交屋当天,能看到业主惊艳与满足的表情,而这就是我们创业的初衷 – 协助每一位业主找到理想空间的渴望。


  • Urban fashion 都会时尚
  • Art and culture 艺术人文
  • Simple modernity 简约现代
  • Industrial style 个性工业

  • Household leisure 居家休闲
  • Boarding house 招待会所
  • Architectural design 建筑设计