Interior Architecture

We practice cross media design, collaborating graphics with interior. Wall, floor, ceiling and furniture art has driven us to multiple material explorations in our everyday practice as every design is a challenge; working on our ways to replicate our 'on-screen' design into reality. 

Clean lines spawning intimate, sophisticated spaces. A style uniquely fashioned from a combination of contemporary and transitional settings, yet a style realizing your desires. This is where passion for craftsmanship and true designer-client collaboration unite.


If you have your own team ready and all you need are supporting drawings to communicate, we can go through the extent of drawings you would need for you to keep things on the go.


We provide complete project management, a suitable service for you if you wish for a hassle-free commitment to the materials, lights and furniture selections at your construction sites. For us to manage your own small scale of team, it would require standard service charges.


We make it easy for your curtains, bedding, throw cushions, carpet and wallpaper to be fully customized in complimenting or matching patterns. We take all initiatives to achieve the dream space that you have been desiring all along, even if it means re-upholstering your favorite one-seater!


All nooks and niches are solved with good planning. With the large variety of finishes we offer in carpentry and joinery, we custom make every detail without the use of standard block carcasses. Every piece of furniture has fine craftsman skills.