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Think out of box, together we create opportunities.

" Think out of box,
together we create opportunities. "


Boldndot, a collaborative platform of designers, was founded and established in the heart of Malaysia in 2009. With the greatest ideas and business senses, it delivered the best graphics, interactive media and sophisticated interior design.

Owning much to the growing list of clients over these years, we could grow and expand our range of services from branding to web setup and interior design.

Along our business milestone, we discovered talents whom we have recruited and thus the team now comprises commercial and brand stategists, art directors, designers, art workers, web developers, illustrators and photographers. Our dedicated pooling of talents and resources promises the delivery of our best services to the clients and that has been our principal to establish key client relationships. We also expect openness, credibility and integrity in our business relationship.

Our Vision


We are fast in storming up ideas. Swiftly and accurately, we customize brand, be it small or big, into a remarkable concept and identity.


We outstretch our capacity in presentation to captivate the emotions and minds of people. It is our promise to shape unique impressions in the eyes of people.


While being creative, we also put reception and feasibility in our emphasis. A creative idea that works, is an idea that breaches the reservations and doubts in people.


A successful brand or interior design adds vibrant values to the customers' lives. As we are inspired by an idea, we are also inspiring the customers. In a nutshell, while being unique in its own way, a package must stand out and web experiences must be navigable.



With vast experience throughout the years in branding and advertising, we have successfully accomplished countless projects which helped our satisfied clients to achieve the goals set. We will help to gain a winning position by developing strategic communication pieces that reflect your brand's personality. Our design works can be geared to match your existing brand images, likewise we can help you define a new outlook for all your communications with a complete corporate identity


From crafting the big idea to bringing it to live, we have been actively assisting clients to develop concepts, big and small, through these years. With experiences in coordinating and teaming up many adept professionals, we are constantly seeking opportunities, giving birth to groundbreaking and impressive ideas.


Reputation up-keeping has always been a vital role in brand management. It is our profession to analyze, plan, and help maintaining the desired brand reputation. From maintaining existing brands to penetrating the market with new ones, we provide services like branding consultation, creative designing and portfolio building.


With endless selection of printing materials and methods, we believe the production of creative works should be adventurous and bold. That is the reason behind our constant quest for rare and new materials to experiment on, and to distinct our client from the competitors in astonishing and impressive ways.


Photographing products with the right direction and execution tremendously affects the first impression and purchase decision of the potential customers. With that in mind, we always make sure the products look the best they can with our .



We practice cross media design, collaborating graphics with interior. Wall, floor, ceiling and furniture art has driven us to multiple material explorations in our everyday practice as every design is a challenge; working on our ways to replicate our 'on-screen' design into reality. Clean lines spawning intimate, sophisticated spaces. A style uniquely fashioned from a combination of contemporary and transitional settings, yet a style realizing your desires. This is where passion for craftsmanship and true designer-client collaboration unite


If you have your own team ready and all you need are supporting drawings to communicate, we can go through the extent of drawings you would need for you to keep things on the go.


We provide complete project management, a suitable service for you if you wish for a hassle-free commitment to the materials, lights and furniture selections at your construction sites. For us to manage your own small scale of team, it would require standard service charges.


We make it easy for your curtains, bedding, throw cushions, carpet and wallpaper to be fully customized in complimenting or matching patterns. We take all initiatives to achieve the dream space that you have been desiring all along, even if it means re-upholstering your favorite one-seater!


All nooks and niches are solved with good planning. With the large variety of finishes we offer in carpentry and joinery, we custom make every detail without the use of standard block carcasses. Every piece of furniture has fine craftsman skills.



We offer comprehensive rich media production services, tailored to your exact specifications. From iPad publishings, websites, social media applications and management, to highly animated presentation, we can conceive, plan and deliver bespoke interactive media platforms both on and offline.


Most of your clients have probably visited your websites countless times before they even consider dealing with you, and that explains why so much attention are paid to website design. Backed by our team of affiliated engineers, online marketing experts and social media managers, we have accomplished countless projects from feather-weight mobile sites to comprehensive database driven ones, for both local and foreign clients in this vast technology frontline that holds endless possibilities.


We first set foot on this blooming mobile industry when Apple launched the very first tablet that changed the world, and we have been drawn in and have been actively building application and advertisement on these platform ever since. Working hand in hand with our graphic team and application engineers, we craft designs that revolutionize advertisements and human-mobile interactions on a daily basis.


It’s universally recognized that first impression last. That few tentative seconds of your presentation contribute towards forming a lasting impression in the minds of your clients. Gone are the days when the term ‘corporate presentation’ amounted to static slides and point sticks. In this technology advanced society, people – your client – demands more. Because, put simply, Power point doesn’t cut it anymore.