About Us

Bold N' Dot, a collaborative platform of designers, was founded and established in the heart of Malaysia in 2009. With the greatest ideas and business senses, it delivered the best graphics, interactive media and sophisticated interior design.

Owing much to the growing list of clients over these years, we could grow and expand our range of services from interior design to web set-up services, branding services, packaging design, name card design, logo design and etc.

Along our business milestone, we discovered talents whom we have recruited and thus the team now comprises commercial and brand strategists, art directors, designers, art workers, web developers, illustrators and photographers. Our dedicated pooling of talents and resources promises the delivery of our best services to the clients and that has been our principal to establish key client relationships. We also expect openness, credibility and integrity in our business relationship.

Be Agile

We are fast in storming up ideas. Swiftly and accurately, we customize brand, be it small or big, into a remarkable concept and identity.

Be Creative

We outstretch our capacity in presentation to captivate the emotions and minds of people. It is our promise to shape unique impressions in the eyes of people.

Be Practical

While being creative, we also put reception and feasibility in our emphasis. A creative idea that works, is an idea that breaches the reservations and doubts in people.

Be Interest

A successful brand or interior design adds vibrant values to the customers' lives. As we are inspired by an idea, we are also inspiring the customers. In a nutshell, while being unique in its own way, a package must stand out and web experiences must be navigable.